Bravado, For Bravado

Did you know that Dodici’s signature pizza, the Bravado was inspired by a wild night of brainstorming and an infamous Chilean wine? All thanks to PS Garcia’s magic blend – a classic pepperoni pizza was transformed by chopped basil and our serrano cream spiral. Simple yet, effective.

Bravado by PS Garcia hails from the Itata Valley which is considered Southern Chile. The Itata Valley is considered one of Chile’s oldest wine regions with grapevines appearing in the mid 16th century. The valley is successful due to rolling coastal hills, alluvial soil, and granite content. When combined with mild temperatures the Itata Valley produces elegant, acidic wine with solid minerality.

Bravado is a blend of Syrah, Carignan, Grenache, and Petit Verdot. These particular historic varietals were grafted onto vines introduced into the valley over one hundred years ago. The ABV is quite high for a wine at 14.5%. Its deep purple color mirrors notes of juicy black fruits like blackberry, plums, and currant. Think blackberry pie! The wine is aged in French neutral oak. This means that the barrel has been used for aging more than three vintages – softening tannins but, not necessarily adding flavor.

Without a doubt, Bravado should be enjoyed with our namesake pizza! High alcohol content on the nose will be softened by the savory pepperoni and mozzarella. The mildly spicy serrano cream will bring out the sweetness and earthy notes. It’s a perfect wine to impress your friends with over the holidays and a rare example of Chilean wine!

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