Why You Need To Try Volcanic Wine Right Now

Most grape varietals thrive in a loose draining, mix of sand and silt. Roots which can extend beyond three feet of earth are ideal for the perfect vineyard location. Complex flavors and aromas can develop the deeper the roots reach. Elements present like basalt, pumice, and volcanic alluvium preserve minerals producing acidity, brightness and intense textures. Volcanic terroirs offer a mineral laden, porous sweet spot for grapes to grow. However, there are only a few special regions where the magic happens.

Where are some of these places?

  • Many locations in California such as Sonoma and wine mecca Napa Valley boast ancient volcanic pockets.
  • Willamette Valley in Oregon.
  • My home in central Arizona, Yavapai county is bursting with new wineries thriving in basalt rich geology.
  • Mt. Etna in Sicily, regions in Naples which felt the heat of Mt. Vesuvius.
  • Santorini in Greece
  • The Canary Island off the coast of Africa.
  • The Azores in Portugal.
  • Chile’s Maule and Colchagua Valleys.
  • Somlo, Hungary.

My favorite volcanic region is Mt. Etna in Italy. The kicker here is that the volcano is still active! In fact, according to a volcano tracker Mt. Etna was spewing lava just yesterday … September 21, 2021. The famous winery Pietradolce produces beautiful wines and grows their grapes on the north slopes of the very volcano. Pietradolce only grows native vitis vinifera Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Catarratto. Similar to Pinot Noir, light Cabernet, and Pinot Grigio respectively. Pietradolce preaches sustainable cultivation of the land and thrive on rich Italian traditions. A winery calling home at the foot of a volcano – I understand working with nature rather than against it!

Here is the good news: you can try Pietradolce Rosè and Rosso here at Dodici! I suggest pairing the two high acid wines with a creamy dish. Think the Dottore, Fresca Due, or Maestro! The Meat & Cheese board is always a good option or even the earthy chèvre beet salad. The Rosè has been described as an adult Rosè because of it’s complex berry flavors and minerality. The Rosso is complex in it’s own nature featuring bright cherries and cocoa.

Don’t forget to make your reservation at Dodici today!

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