5 Dodici Dishes to Pair With Bubbly

One of my instructors swore up and down that you could pair ANYTHING with a sparking wine. As a veteran bubbly drinker I can attest. From fried chicken to caviar to Molcajete – you cant go wrong. Another cant-go-wrong wine pair is a rosè but, I feel like I’ve beaten that horse for the last several posts. Sparkling wine comes in many variations. When it comes to pairing with a meal stick to Brüt, Prosecco, or a classic Champagne. These effervescent wines offer high acidity, an element of sweetness and enough flavor to stand up against a steak!

Where do these lovely bubbles come from? Winemakers add bubbly through a secondary fermentation process. Following initial fermentation yeast and sugar is added to already bottled classic varietals like Chardonnay, Muscat and Pinot Meunier to create carbon dioxide. The bottles are then stored upside down to ease removal of dead yeast cells (lees). After the wine is disgorged (removal of lees) the bottle is corked!

Fun Fact: the amount of pressure in a Champagne bottle is equivalent to approximately 90 PSI. That’s more than double the amount of pressure in a standard car tire!

Dodici’s Prosecco offering! Purchase by bottle or enjoy a glass.

Dodici’s bubbly offering is Benaccetto Prosecco from Italy. The wine has a pleasant straw color and has delicate yet sturdy citrus notes. Here are 5 Dodici Dishes to Pair With Bubbly:

1. The Beet Salad – effervescent citrus will elevate earthy beets, peppery arugula and the creamy chèvre. Bonus: the homemade Green Goddess dressing will knock your socks off!

2. Grandma’s Meatballs – creamy provolone will aid the Prosecco in balancing acidic tomato sauce and savory meat.

3. Inferno – this pizza is spicy! However, the combination of Oaxaca cheese and citrus will only elevate the hot homemade salsa.

4. Scampi – delicate shrimp, tangy sweet peppers and spicy garlic are all elevated by the high acid Prosecco.

5. Christyn’s Double Layer Cheese Cake add Strawberries – to finish dinner off I cant think of a better dessert. Creamy cheese cake, tangy double layer, and sweet, sweet strawberries. This is a classic Prosecco pairing and you wont be disappointed!

Comment your favorite bubbly combinations!!

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