To make the world a better place through food and drink

The Dodici signal fire. Making the world a better place can start with a full belly, a glass of rose in hand, and an open mind. The family at Dodici aspires to create an environment where guests can celebrate togetherness which undoubtedly brings a rapidly evolving Brownsville closer. We achieve this through locally sourced ingredients for carefully crafted recipes and an extensive, hand-picked collection of wine and beer. Which brings us to the reason for a wine education blog! The ethos of wine is often intimidating. I’d liken the task to reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s intense, it’s detailed, and often times in elvish. Nevertheless! There is a guide: I invite you to travel to Mordor.

My name is Kate Marra. I started my wine journey two years ago in Arizona. I’m working towards a degree studying Viticulture & Enology. My passion is watching the craft develop from vine to bottle. What I love about wine isn’t always the expensive bottle. Rather the romanticism of lounging in a string-light lit patio, salivating over a loaded charcuterie board and surrounded by the humming chatter of friends and strangers. Wine is about creating a moment in time where life is beautiful – even when it isn’t. I live to chase moments where time stops and you realize. Wow. I’m alive.

Barreling 2020 Cabernet at Arizona Stronghold!

The world of wine offers an incredible range of topics from regions of the world to the science of yeasts and cell division. There is something for everyone when it comes to wine. As a reader and guest of Dodici I invite you to interact. Tell us about your favorite wine. What questions do you have about winemaking? A wine blog is about creating a community for the RGV and beyond. Stay tuned – Great topics are coming!

Let’s jump in!

Today’s wine feature is brought to you by Bodegas Cepa 21 from Ribera Del Duero in Spain. The Hito Rosado is a 100% Tempranillo based Rose that will blow you away. The gorgeous blush hue is attributed to the grape skins only fermenting for 24 hours during the cold maceration process. This wine will feature notes of red fruit, think strawberries, and raspberries with the classic earthy, smoke of the Tempranillo grape. When referring to smokiness, picture yourself at a campfire. That lingering woody smell is what you will taste. Hito Rosado is well balanced yet, on the drier spectrum of a Rose. This is a Rose to take seriously often times pink wines are associated with being too feminine or too sweet. Hito Rosado will challenge what you know about Rose! Wine Enthusiast rates Hito Rosado as an 83. ABV is 13.5% Alcohol.

Hito Cepa Rosado – ask your server!

Did you know that 75% of all Tempranillo grapes are grown in Spain? Our feature comes from the Ribera Del Duero region in Northern Spain which provides an arid climate during the day and cool evenings. The rapid temperature fluctuation allows the grapes to expand their phenolic compounds. Phenolics refer to to the complex compounds that develop mouthfeel, aromas and color.

Dodici food pairing notes: Whereas a Rose will pair beautifully with nearly any dish, I recommend choosing tomato based items to balance the acidity. Think Grandma’s Meatballs or the Bravado which has some heat. Tempranillo Roses are fun because they can stand up to a spicier dish. Feeling saucy? Pair with the Fresca Due – salty prosciutto and lemon will elevate the sweeter notes of berries in the Hito Rosado!

Ready for more Rose? Ask your server about the Pietradolce Etna Rosato from an Italian vineyard flourishing on the side of a volcano!

One thought on “To make the world a better place through food and drink

  1. Thanks for this amazing post!
    My first wine tasting was perhaps 12 years ago. I had anosmia and a definite lack of taste then! Since then I’ve developed a love and appreciation of wine – but I admit this is quite a complex subject. At present I’ve not explored much of Spanish wines, so this is a good start.


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